Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm becoming a fan of Sandorkraut

Last week I came across a blog post somewhere, I forget exactly, that mentioned a book called The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved by Sandor Ellix Katz aka "Sandorkraut". That title alone was enough to send me to the library website to see if it was in our local library system. It was, along with the above book, Wild Fermentation. I decided to reserve both. I thought I would read The Revolution first, but I was more drawn to Wild Fermentation for some reason. I have almost read it cover to cover now, and it is on my Amazon wish list.

Lately I am into ideas that challenge the "official" nutrition information we receive; information such as eat less fat, saturated fat is bad, cholesterol is bad, etc. Not only do Katz's books reject such information, with good documentation, his writing style is a joy to read. This guy is passionate about life, has a great sense of humor, and does not burden the reader with "common sense" reminders like "after you make this wonderful beer, remember to enjoy in moderation".

Katz's philosophy of food draws on ancient methods and wisdom, not modern food science. It rejects industrial farming and processed fake food. And it is not just about food; it is about a way of life that is less automated and sterilized, more alive. That goes along with the life I am trying to create here under the blue roof.

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