Friday, April 17, 2009

Do people know how to buy real FOOD anymore?

The other day at the convenience store end of the grocery store in town I was waiting to pay for gas. There were two parties ahead of me; one cashed in a couple of lottery tickets, but I am glad she didn't insist on scratching the new tickets right then and there.

The other party was a young couple with a toddler and a baby. They bought a bag of food, including milk, on WIC vouchers, and then, to lengthen the transaction, bought some other stuff with a debit card. I do not know and will not presume whether it was a food stamp thing. Anyway, they bought some frozen appetizer type things, and some plastic bottled vitamin water stuff.

I feel sorry for them. I don't think they know how to prepare real, nutritious food, or even how to get the best value for their obviously limited budget. I think they are a product of the convenience food generation, whose mothers were "liberated" from cooking real, nutritious meals and never looked back.

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Lausten North said...

I worked briefly at a 7-11. A woman came in and tried to buy a gallon of orange drink with WIC. I said it didn't qualify, it was sugar water. She got pretty angry and said she had bought it before. I'm sure she had but she was still wrong. She was convinced that water, sugar and orange food color was as good as fresh squeezed fruit juice.