Saturday, November 21, 2009

Breakfast potatoes

I may have inadvertently come across a good way to cook potatoes for breakfast. I usually boil cubed potatoes for a bit, then drain and fry in butter. Good, but I even found a way to improve on that! You see, when I put the potatoes in the pan, which I had previously used to fry bacon, and I had already melted butter in, I forgot to turn the burner on. When I realized my potatoes were not cooking, I turned the burner on high, just to get the heat going (I have an electric glass top stove, just so you know). A few minutes later, I was wondering why everything was browning so quickly. I had forgotten to turn the heat down. But rather than it being a catastrophe, the potatoes turned out wonderfully--crispy golden brown on the outside, melt in your mouth tender on the inside. These were homegrown potatoes, by the way, a yellow variety the name of which I cannot remember! So the lesson learned is, cook them fast!

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northierthanthou said...

Much of good cooking begins with happy accidents.