Monday, April 02, 2007

Basil revelation

I had a revelation of sorts as I was cooking tonight. I just happened to need some dried basil, since I have no fresh this time of year, and I opened up a plastic jar of store bought basil. For some strange reason, I sniffed it. Nothing there, really. A vague sweet aroma, but that basil was clearly past its prime.

There were, however, several whole basil plants that had been stashed in the corner, dried, since the first frost in September. I sampled a leaf, and found it full-bodied, spicy, fragrant, unlike the store-bought basil. I proceeded to strip the leaves from most of the basil I had left, storing it in the jar I had recently emptied of store bought basil. There just is no comparison.

And, one can never get too much basil. I am upping my seedling production tenfold!

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