Wednesday, March 21, 2007

no deposit, no return

I hate packaging. Most of it is unrecyclable and it makes up the bulk of our garbage, which I would like to reduce to next to nil. When eating off something other than Chinets from Sam's Club becomes a viable alternative. :)

Glass, fortunately, is recyclable, although re-using it is the preferred alternative. To that end, brewing beer at home, storing it in re-usable glass bottles, and using the bottles for another batch of beer, seems to be a good option for reducing our impact on the planet. A little over a week ago I bottled our Baltic Porter, in bottles that had previously stored Three Hearted Ale and some Belgian Witbier. Using 23 ounce bottles reduces the number of bottles that must be washed, and who stops at just one 12 ounce beer anyway. :)

Unfortunately, our beer consumption still greatly exceeds our brewing capacity, so there is a net loss of screw top bottles to recycling, but any hobby that teaches a useful art is a step in the right direction.


pablo said...

You have to be about the coolest spouse ever!


Deb said...

pablo- I gotta show this comment to The Hermit...knock him back into reality...