Monday, September 17, 2012

every day is day one

I am writing this on Under The Blue Roof, not only because I feel this blog has been neglected and could use a post here and there, but also because I feel the need to diverge a bit in my blogs. Although I have gotten personal on Sand Creek Almanac, probably way too personal sometimes, I have re-thought my blogging mission a bit and I think it would be best for me if Sand Creek Almanac, the more public, more widely connected and hopefully more widely read of my blogs, served to showcase my best stuff. Not necessarily the most polished, but I want to stick to themes of nature and insight, with an occasional family story thrown in just for fun.

With that, I want to share that I think I have arrived at a turning point, where I can make some real positive changes in my attitude and my life. I started taking a yoga class last Wednesday, and was amazed at the physical benefits of just one class. I think it affected my psyche a bit too, because I somehow started feeling more balanced. So much that on Saturday I spent about five hours cleaning and rearranging the bedroom a bit, and I can now say I have carved a more peaceful place in this oft-cluttered house. A place where I can practice yoga at home, when I put my mind to it.

I am also feeling more committed to writing, some of which will hopefully be musical. One small change at a time though. Although I am motivated, new habits take a while to sink in.

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