Saturday, March 14, 2009

She's come undone!

I have been stepping up my efforts to get my family to make good food choices lately. So much, in fact, that The Hermit has started calling me "Sarge". Perhaps I have some control issues?

It's difficult, however, when I'm not the only one grocery shopping. When I shop, I usually make a list and stick to it. Sometimes I even get a bit neurotic about items on a list, and stand there in the aisle reading labels and thinking "do I go with the organic brand from California or is it okay to save a buck?" And yes, sometimes in a moment of weakness, I'll buy a bag of Doritos.

The Hermit is a bit more impulsive at the grocery store. I try to let most of it go in the name of marital harmony, but I have been scrutinizing receipts and letting my opinion be heard on certain items, like the perfect looking strawberries from California. NOT good. After all, it's my grocery money too, and I hate to see it wasted on less-than-desirable food.

This morning I had a meltdown over pancake mix. Blueberry pancake mix. I should know better than to read labels after a few too many cups of coffee. I nearly hit the ceiling when I saw "imitation blueberry bits". You don't even want to know what is in them. Nothing edible, that's for sure. I decided then and there that we would not be having imitation blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Luckily we had a bag of real blueberries in the freezer, which I added to some pancake mix that had passed my inspection at the grocery store.

I don't want to know how much money was spent on that box of imitation blueberry pancake mix, but I won't waste it. The box will go to the local food shelf, for some family who does not have the luxury of making food choices.

It makes me sick thinking that the only food some people can afford is not real food.


forest wisdom said...

It makes me sick thinking that the only food some people can afford is not real food.

A sad but true commentary, and a part of the "system" I dearly wish could somehow be changed. I know that I sometimes make worse food choices for my health based upon money.... It's hard to fight it, but I keep trying.

I don't know if you intended this post to be so thought provoking, Deb, but it certainly makes me think.


Deb said...

FW- I thought about this post a lot, so I'm glad it made you think too! I know about the food choices. I guess I could play the devil's advocate and say that everyone could seek out healthful foods from the wild and grow a garden. But that too is beyond the realm of most.

DennisP said...

It was a good post. The farm subsidy system is designed to produce low cost commodities to Cargill, ADM, etc. who then turn them (soybean oil, HFCS) into all kinds of "plastic food" products that are sold real cheap.

Too bad we can't get rid of those subsidies and instead subsidize real farmers and the reintroduction of a farm to market infrastructure to get real food more cheaply to more people.

I just hope Michelle Obama and others can have a noticeable impact over the next several years.

Sissy said...

You can save greatly making your own pancake mix. I discovered this forty years ago. The homemade actually are better tasting. Betty crocker has a good recipe.

Sissy said...

...of course, we know that pancakes is not a healthy choice.